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How You Do Water Damaged Samsung Cell Phone Repair?

Hello friends my name is mark taylor and I am student. I am a huge fan Samsung cell phone. I already used its entire cell phone versions and I have a huge collection of Samsung cell phones. I am sure you are confused about why I am telling you all these things. Actually I want to share some interesting knowledge and also a great experience with you. This is a story of my damaged Samsung cell phone and how I do Samsung cell phone repair.

Last night I was walking along my pool and talking with my girlfriend. I was very happy because on the same day I got my new Samsung phone. I was really very happy suddenly my foot slip and I fell into the summing pool along with my new cell phone. I come out from the pool and rapidly remove the battery of my cell phone. I was really depressed and thinking about whether I gave it to a cell phone repair company or replaced it with new one. When I saw my warranty card I became very disappointed that my warranty has been dismissed.

Not only me, there are so many people who don’t know about this that your warranty will be expired if your cell phone become damaged with water or any other liquid. This is because it is your responsibility to take care of your cell phones because these are not just like heavy machinery. These gadgets are so much sensitive and expansive so it is your duty to take good care of them.

Now I have only one way to hand over it to a cell phone repair company. I told to one of my friend about all this strategy. He said that it is simple to do water damaged Samsung cell phone repair. I was really shocked that what he is talking about. Then he told me the whole story. First I was very confused about doing that because being as a student I cannot afford a loss of thousands of bucks.

I asked him again that are you serious? He said yes. Now go and get some rice. He also told me to never turn on your cell phone after water damaged. This is because it can cause a short circuit and can easily ruin all the wiring of you cell phone. As a result you cell phone will become a piece of scrap.

After that we started our Samsung cell phone repair. Here are some following steps through which you can easily understand the whole procedure:

· Your first step is to take out the battery and other small components like USB cord, battery plug etc.

· Take a small container or box and fill it with rice and just make sure it is an airtight container

· Now place your cell phone along with all these small components into the rice completely buried and close the lid

· Don’t open the lid again and again and leave your cell phone in it overnight

· Next morning open the lid of box take out your cell phone and turn it on hope it will work again.

After following these steps I was really shocked that my cell phone is working just like I bought it from the shop. I was really happy and I really thanked to my friend who gave me this brilliant idea. I also asked him why we use rice for this purpose. He answered me that rice is an easy medicine for cell phones that have been damaged because of water and rice acts as a natural anhydrous. In other words rice can easily suck the water so that it drawled the wetness out of your phone and absorbed into the rice particles. By placing for a whole night is a good idea because it allows the rice to completely dry the cell phone. Now my stylish phone is in my hand and I say thanks to my friend for this amazing samsung cell phone repair.


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